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When you can't say it with words, take a photograph. When a photo doesn't tell the whole story, use words.

- Kristi Crosson

I'm a storyteller at heart. I can remember telling stories from an early age. My favorite story was the one where I told everyone that I was a princess. I was 5. Everyone thought it was so cute, but the thing I remember most goes something like this.

Me: I'm a princess.

Them: Oh, that's nice, is your sister a princess too? (she's older than me)

Me: No.

Them: How is that possible?

Me: Well, my sister wasn't born in the kingdom. I was born in the kingdom. She was born before we moved to the kingdom. So when my family moved to the kingdom I was born which makes me a princess, and my sister not a princess. 


Hard to argue with that one, right? 

Thankfully, my logic skills improved as I grew up. But the truth is, I haven't stopped telling stories. I love telling stories with pictures and words. I love to evoke emotion with the stroke of the pen or the click of the shutter. And I love businesses. 

Every entrepreneur has a story to tell. They tell the story of how they got into 

Kristi Crosson is a professional photographer and writer in Warsaw, VA, Richmond, VA, and Tappahannock, VA with clients from all over the country. 

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